Zafer Dilek (b. 1945) is one of the unsung heroes of Turkish music having worked as arranger, producer and guitarist for countless famous Turkish artists (usually uncredited); also in film soundtracks, as solo artist and in Zafer Banu Hülya group. He officially began its career in 1971 and in 1976 produced Selda’s second album.

The development of Turkish pop music in the 70’s saw the consolidation of Anadolu Rock, drinking on traditional influences, suddenly folklore (once seen as outdated) became a true fever, when arranged with electric (modern) instruments.

The so-called Oyun Havalari turned into an export product, with its appealing (erotic) covers, uptempo overall and many famous artists doing this kind of exploitation portrait of the Middle East, such as: Esin Engin, George Abdo, Omar Khorshid, Ahmad Djamal, Erköse Kardeşler and Ozel Turkbas.