Ozdemir Erdogan, (July 17, 1940 in İstanbul) was a Turkish singer/songwriter and composers. He was elected as a Turkish state artist in 1998.

Ozdemir Erdogan came to the world in Istanbul on June 17, 1940. Her mother was a classical musician who played classical music pianist and uncle violin and piano. The first training was taken with these channels from these young ages. The unique conditions between the years 1940 and 1950 are one of the important factors preventing Ozdemir Erdogan from receiving formal arts education. Another issue is that the father prescribes an absolute basic education with the conditions of those dates. In this educational process, which lasted until the age of 15-16, Özdemir Erdogan’s artistic subjects were more likely to be found and this was supported by the teachers in the schools.

Ozdemir Erdogan graduated from Kadikoy Commercial High School in 1960 and completed his military service as a reserve officer teacher in Adıyaman, Besni Araplar village as a head teacher.